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Apple MacBook is a brand of notebook computers manufactured by Apple. Macbook is the best selling laptop which has some low-end as well as the premium ultra-portable devices. Although it is considered to be the most reliable notebooks it has some issues which need to be resolved. Networking issue is the most common issues which are affecting the brand value of Apple. Mac may sometimes lose Wifi connection or the system refuses the connection with the router. The Mac System Preference Network applet enables network settings and provides a graphical interface for network troubleshooting. Users have ranted about intermittent or sporadically Wifi signals in their Mac computers. Call to our Apple Mac Customer Support Number(+1-866-667-0966) if you are getting intermittent signals on your Mac notebook.

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There are three reasons why your Wifi isn’t working:-

  • Either there is a problem with the router or Internet Service Provider.
  • There is an issue with the Wifi network.
  • There is an issue with the Mac software.

Solutions of Mac Wifi issue:-

1. Check Apple Mac Software

The first thing to do is to update your Mac with the latest version of drivers and OS updates. You are getting sporadically Wifi signals because your system is not updated. Update the Mac to the new version of OS X so that the Wifi drivers issues will be sorted out. Talk to our Apple Mac Customer Support Number if still, the problem is not resolved. Our support representative will guide you regarding the configuration setup and customization of router settings.

2. Check ISP and reboot the router

The second thing to consider is to talk with the broadband provider regarding the Internet Connectivity. May be the network is down and you are unable to get the Internet connectivity on your Mac Notebook. If the broadband network isn’t down then you have to reboot the router so that the wireless time-lapse will be sorted out. Call to our Apple Mac Customer Support Number if still, you are unable to configure the router settings. We will guide you step by step procedure on how you can customize the router gateway settings.

3. Forget the network and disconnect Bluetooth.

You will have to force the device to forget the network. For that you have to follow: System Preference>Network>Advanced and select the network you want to forget. Click agree to Remove the network. Now try to connect the network again with the desired password. In some users, Disconnecting the Bluetooth will solve the problem. Reboot your Mac after applying all the settings. If still, you get the Network issue then you can simply call to our Apple Mac Support Phone Number +1-866-667-0966 and get the guidance instantly.

Solutions by Apple Mac Customer Support

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